Ken Aston Soccer Referee Camp

In honor of his 21 years as principal instructor

Ken Aston

Ken Aston Soccer Referee Camp

In honor of his 21 years as principal instructor

Assessor Course

Quick Facts

  • Registration Link - Course Registration
  • Registration Deadline - May 31st
  • Fee - $225.00
  • Late Fee (after May 31st) - $40.00
  • Cancelation Fee - $40.00
  • Checkin - Saturday, June 18th at 8:00 AM
  • Checkout - Sunday, June 19th at 4:00 PM


There are no prerequisites to attend this course, but it is recommended that the following circumstances exist prior to attending this course:

  • At least three years of soccer experience as a Referee
  • Performed a minimum of 5 observations on Regional Referees seeking upgrade to Intermediate Referee
  • Currently hold certification as an Intermediate Referee
  • Taken the Advanced Referee Course
  • Successfully passed the Advanced Referee Exam

This course meets the training requirements to become a Referee Assessor by teaching the technical aspects of evaluating and assessing the officiating skills of those referees at the Advanced Referee grade level. Those who successfully complete this course and the other requirements for certification may perform assessments up to the Advanced Referee badge level.

For the referee that is seeking to improve his officiating skills, it is hard to beat an evaluation of his performance by a well-trained, qualified assessor in the real-world conditions of an actual match. This course trains you to be that assessor.

But, in many respects, the assessment of a referee in a match can be more challenging than officiating the match itself. How do you strike the right balance of encouragement and praise with the correct measure of constructive criticism? How do you narrow your comments down to the most important issues that can dramatically improve this referee's game? How do you strip away your personal bias and habits to provide commentary that will improve the referee's officiating skills in an objective manner? Is it even possible to properly assess a situation if you're 30 yards off the field and 50-70 yards from the play?

This course provides the training to address these questions, and more, by bringing together some of the most proficient and knowledgeable assessors and instructors in the country. As they guide you through a practicum on an actual match you will be tutored and mentored in such a way that you will return to your home Region as one of your Region's most vital assets.

The course dates/times are subject to change. If they do change, this website will be promptly updated and each registrant will be notified of the change. Registration Fee includes room (1 night on a double occupancy basis), meals (from lunch on Saturday through lunch on Sunday), a camp T-shirt (not guaranteed for late registrants) and course materials.

The registration fee and the signed waiver of liability form are requested prior to the deadline date above in the Quick Facts, although these items will be accepted after the registration deadline subject to available space and the additional late fee charge. The cancellation fee will be charged for any cancellation received within one week of the camp. It is permissible for Regions to pay all or part of the fee on behalf of referees attending training camps. We encourage Regions to participate in this way!

No refund will be issued if cancellation notice is not received.