Ken Aston Soccer Referee Camp

In honor of his 21 years as principal instructor

Ken Aston

Ken Aston Soccer Referee Camp

In honor of his 21 years as principal instructor


“I attended last year’s camp in Long Beach. I took the intermediate course. It was a unique experience to meet fellow referees from other regions and see how they handle situations that we all have encountered on the field. Being a relative newcomer to the sport (before volunteering to referee 3 years ago, I had never even seen a soccer match), it was fascinating to hear from a World Cup referee and gain further insight into the sport from a great faculty of experienced individuals. It helped give me confidence to move beyond U-8 matches. I hope to have the chance to attend the advanced course this year.”

Lew Zionts
Pacific Palisades, CA

“The Ken Aston camp was a great experience from many perspectives. First, you get to meet many interesting folks who all have a common interest. Second, the information shared helps you have the chance to grow your game. The opportunity to listen to rule interpretations and application from other areas help increase your view of the game. A great way to improve your skills.”

Steve Morgan
Torrance, CA

“Great camp, useful for game management and foul recognition. Outstanding organization, friendly and knowledgeable instructors. Plus, I won a prize at the Saturday evening competition!”

Yannis Yortsos
San Marino, CA

“My first Ken Aston Camp experience in 2004 was well worth the time. At the Advanced Referee course, I learned about the “art” of being a referee from great instructors. Being immersed in soccer culture for an entire weekend increased my appreciation for the sport and hearing some world class referees share their stories added to my base of judgement for making the right calls. Learning along with other referees at my level gave me the feeling that I belonged with the elite group of upper echelon referees who really care about the game and the kids who play it.”

Tim Evans
Rancho Cucamonga, CA

“The Advanced Referee Camp was great and a lot of fun. The interaction with referees from the many other regions in the classes and then between classes was enlightening. The perspective gained from watching, listening and reviewing with these other attendees made the knowledge easy to retain and use in my own matches. Thanks, and I look forward to attending in the future for National Referee Course.”

Steve O’Connell
Rancho Cucamonga, CA

“I attended the National Referee Course at Ken Aston Camp during 2004. The instructors were first rate, and the relaxed campus setting let us focus on the game and match control for the entire weekend. The course has changed how I approach each game. By understanding what players and coaches are trying to do, the referee team can do more than simply identify and punish violations of the law. We can make the game safer, fairer, and more fun.”

Dennis Wickham
El Cajon, CA

“My experience at the 2004 Ken Aston Camp was the most informative and fulfilling clinic I have attended with AYSO. From the instruction staff to the dorm room environment, all top notch. I would recommend it to anyone that wishes to improve their match mechanics, confidence as well as their knowledge of the laws of the game.”

Mike Van Stockum
Alta Loma, Ca.

“I took the class last year, in July @ Long Beach University campus. The weekend was good. It seems a little bit too long at the time, but looking back I realize the importance of each and every class. Personally, I would try and squeeze an hour of preparation for the written test. We are all there because of our love for the game, but we also want to succeed in the test. The test always has some tricky questions, and a little bit of preparation can go a long way.”

Boaz Meir
Irvine, CA
Region 144, South Irvine

“I enjoyed spending two and half days with die hard referees who came from many different places sharing different experience and outlooks. Almost, every one of us had different personality, background, and ethnicity. But had one think in common “love of the game, and being in-charge”. Camp was very organized, and full of informative sessions. I learned better utilization of my referee skills and improved understanding of the games in such a way to allow flow of the game and at the same time insure a safe and competitive game for both teams. I recommend attending Ken Aston Camp to every referee who is seeking to improve their skills while having a weekend of fun, good food, and meeting interesting people”.

Mehrdad Motamedi
Irvine, CA

From Course Evaluations:

“Great experience, I learned allot, the camp was great!”

“This was a great, the level on instruction was the best I have ever seen. Keep up the good work.”

“I am very glad I attended this camp – I learned so much and now feel like I can really be a good referee.”

“What a great way to learn how to be a better referee and a better AYSO volunteer.”

“I have had a great time and have met so many good people, other students and the whole camp staff. This is a first class operation!”

“This is the best AYSO training session I have ever attended. The training was so much more than I expected. I will be back for the advanced instruction in the future.”

“This is a great class. I learned a lot and would definitely recommend the class to anyone.”

“Keep it going! The experience is invaluable!”

“Role models: high level instructors and presenters.”

“Getting away from work, home and family with no radio, tv, phone or distractions helped me focus on the task of learning and improving.”

“The course creates camaraderie amongst the referees.”